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Our umbrella of services include Projects Consultation, Assistance in Project Feasibility Study, Project Financing for Individuals, Partnerships, Trust and Non Governmental Organisations, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Businessman, Corporate Houses, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and Traders, Exporters and Importers etc.

We arrange All Kinds of Bank Loans and Finance from Nationalised & Private Sector Banks -  Foreign Banks -  Housing Finance Companies - Non Banking Financial Services Companies. Our exhaustive arrays of loans syndication services include arranging various financial assistance for all kinds of Borrower segments like

(A) Individuals-

(1) Salaried or (2) Self Employed Professional Persons Like Doctors- Advocates- Infotech- Architects-

(1) Land Purchase (2) Home Purchase (3) Home Extension (4) Home Repair & Improvement (5) Farm House (6) Second House- Weekend Home (7) Loan Against Property- Mortgage Loan (8) Reverse Mortgage Loans (9) Unsecured Personal Loans (10) Premium Car & Vehicle Loans (11) Loan to Purchase ESOPs (12) Easy Travel Loans (13) Educational & Career Loans (14) Loan Against Rental Income (15) Gold & Jwellary Loan (16) Loans against Shares & Securities (17) Loan to Medical Professionals (18) Loan to Architects (19) Loans to Advocates (20)Loan to Information Technology Professionals


(B) Business Persons operating in any (1) Industrial (2) Manufacturing (3) Trading  (4) Services

A- Domestic Business

(1) Sole Proprietary Firms (2) Hindu Undivided Family (3) Partnership Firms (4) Limited Liability Partnership Firms (5) Private Limited Companies (6) Public Limited Companies

(1) Project Finance (2) Long Term Loans (3) Short Term Loans (4) Unsecured Loans (5) Working Capital Loans (6) Inland Bank Guarantees- Performance & Financial (7) Inland Letter of Credits (8) Asset Purchase Loans (9) Commercial Vehicle Loans (10) Construction Equipments Loans (11) Loan to pay Earnest Money Deposit- Tender Deposit (12) Business Loan against Property (13) Dealer Financing (14) Structured Loans (15) Open Term Loans (16) Specialized Loans to Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (17) Overdrafts (18) Inland Bills Purchase (19) Inland Bills Discounting (20) Deferred Payment Guarantees

B- International Businesses - Import & Exports

(1) Project Finance (2) Long Term Loans (3) Short Term Loans (4) Unsecured Loans (5) Working Capital Loans Like Pre shipment- Post Shipment Credits (6) Foreign Bank Guarantees- Import & Export  (7) Foreign Letter of Credits- Import & Exports (8) Asset Purchase Loans (9)Loan to pay Earnest Money Deposit - Tender Deposit (10) Business Loan against Property (11) Dealer Financing (12) Structured Loans (13)Open Term Loans (14) Specialised Loans to Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (15) Overdrafts (16) Foreign Bills Purchase (17) Foreign Bills Discounting (18) Deferred Payment Guarantees


(C) Charitable Trusts Educational Trusts  Non Governmental Organisations,

(D) Financial Service Sectors like Micro Finance Institutes and Companies,

(E) Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (7) Small Scale Industries In India.