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To give in depth knowledge and familiarize individuals and businesses about

  1. All Types of Bank Loans and Finance available from various sources of finance like Banks and Financial Institutions, National and International Sources, ranging from Short Term, Medium Term and Longer Term, depending on their nature like Equity or Own capital and Debt Capital.
  2. To educate about different types of loans and finance needed during different stages of business cycles like establishment, rapid growth, slow growth, stagnation, survival, recovery- national and international
  3. To educate about Accounting, Taxation, Commercial, Legal aspects to be kept in mind before deciding to borrow from banks and financial institutions or from any other avenue for any business transactions and steps to be taken in taking loans and finance from banks.
  4. To educate on how to manage various loans and financial resources of the business.
  5. To educate on Optimum Utilisation of Financial resources raised via Bank Loans and Finance and also to educate on commercial business strategies which will be best suited for them on a short term, medium term, long term horizon.

  1. To arrange Loans and Finance from Banks for our valued clients
  2. Within a shortest possible time
  3. with the maximum amount of finance and minimum margin money
  4. at the lowest and affordable rate of interest
  5. at the lowest process fees and charges
  6. with or without adequate collateral security