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Chirantan Consultants arranges Property Loans, Equipment Loans, Working Capital Loans, Bank Guarantees etc for Individual Persons and Professionally Qualified People like Medical Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Info Tech Entrepreneurs. The type of loans we arrange are Personal Loans, Land purchase Loans, Home Loans, Property Loans, Mortgage Loans, Asset Purchase Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans, Construction Equipments Loans, Overdrafts, Loans Against Securities.

Chirantan Consultants also provides comprehensive services in the areas of Debt Syndication to all types of businesses operating in any Infrastructure, Non Infrastructure sectors and engaged in Manufacturing Trading and Services Industry by examining all factors of industry, economy and business while arranging debt resources for our clients. In this service, Chirantan Consultants provides services to arrange all types of fund based Loans like Project Loans for New Business, Expansion, Term Loans for Plant & Machineries, Working Capital Loans like Cash Credit, Non Fund based credit facilities like Financial or Performance Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credits, Credit Facilities for Import and Export.

Chirantan Consultants analysis the most suitable financial assistance and credit that should be availed after a detailed understanding in the following manner.

  1. Structuring and critical evaluation of the short, medium or long term financial requirement.
  2. Preparation of Financial plans, CMA data for loan syndication as well as identification of size and type of the debt.
  3. Arranging for Techno Economic Viability Study and Credit Rating, sanction of long term loan, facilitating execution of requisite documents and due disbursal of loan.
  4. Facilitate individuals, businesses and Corporates in arranging the working capital limits from Nationalised / Private or Foreign Banks, Financial Institutions in form of fund based limits, Bill discounting facilities, and Non Fund Based Credits like Letter of credit, Bank Guarantee etc.
  5. Arranging finance by assignment of debt, cash flow financing against escrow receivables, trade credit financing etc.