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The Bank extends Term Loans for capital investments being made by the clients on account of expansion of existing enterprise or for establishment of a new enterprise. Term Loans are also extended to clients for project implementation purposes, to meet non-reccuring expenditure of long term nature, etc.. The Term Loans are also considered for investments in personal segment such as housing, vehicle purchases, etc.

The aggregate outstanding quantum of Term Loans at any point of time is determined by the Asset-Liability Management Committee of the Bank in tune with the Asset Liability Matrix to avoid mis-match in the same.

The rate of interest on Term Loans depends upon the quantum of loan, its purpose, type of borrower, the gradation applicable and the nature of loan.

Adequate security for the Term Loans by way of hypothecation/ mortgage/ charge over the assets created out of the loan proceeds and such other collaterals depending upon the borrower, duration of credit, type of activity and the risk perception, as stipulated by the sanctioning authority shall be provided by the applicants. In addition, personal guarantee of promoter directors/ partners of Firm/ proprietors etc. and additional third party guarantee of a person/s of adequate networth acceptable to the bank shall be given for such loans.

The repayment of the term loans would be in periodic Instalments with initial moratorium, if needed, during the period of project implementation. The periodicity and the nature & quantum of Instalments shall be based on the time and quantum of cash generation, operating costs and the surplus available at the disposal of the borrower.

These Term Loans are given to help you purchase Factory Land, Industrial Shed, Warehouses, Godowns, Commercial Office Space, Commercial Shops, Plant, Machinery or other physical assets like Furniture Fixture, Electric Installations, Computer Systems- Hardware and Softwares, required during the establishment, growth and expansion of your company.

A Term Loan can be availed by Individuals, Sole Proprietary Firms, Partnership firms, Limited Liability Partnerships, Public and Private Ltd Companies, Co-Operative Societies, Charitable Trusts, Educational Institutes, Non Governmental Organisations.

A Term Loan is an Equated Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yealy / Annual installment based loan for a duration between 6 months to 25 years. Loan amount may vary between 50% to 100% of the value of the asset to be purchased.

Moratorium or deferment of payment in installments are allowed for a maximum period of 2 years with an option to pay only interest during the moratorium period.

The Term Loans are given for meeting your business needs like new business set up, expansion, re-organization, re-structuring, re-engineering, business acquisition, and other long term funding requirements against the security of immovable properties like residential or commercial properties like Factory Land, Industrial Shed, Warehouses, Godowns, Residential Houses, Commercial Office Space, Commercial Shops.

Chirantan Consultants provides expert guidance and assistance to avail Bank Loans for purchase of all kinds of business assets from all banks at lowest rate of Interest and lowest process fees expense.


Do not block you Cash and Bank Balance and Fixed Deposits for submitting Tender Money- Earnest Money Deposits or Security Deposits for Government or Private Tender / Bids / Contracts.

You can now avail Loans to submit Tender Money- Earnest Money Deposits or Security Deposits for Government or Private Tender / Bids / Contracts against security of your business assets at very attractive rate of interest and lowest process fees expense


Chirantan Consultants provides expert guidance and assistance to avail Open Term Loans for your all kinds of business needs from all banks at lowest rate of Interest and lowest process fees expense.

The loan can be utilized for any genuine commercial purposes in line with the regular business activity of the customer. These would include term loans for:

  • Expansion and modernization.
  • Substitution of high cost debts / high cost term debts of other banks/FIs.
  • Design and introduction of new layouts in the factory to enhance productivity.
  • Up gradation of technology& energy conservation schemes/ machinery.
  • Acquisition of software, hardware, consumable tools, jigs, fixtures etc.
  • Acquisitions of ISO & other similar certifications.
  • Visits abroad for acquiring technology, finalizing business deals, participating in exhibitions / fairs for market promotion etc.

Open Term Loans give you a pre-approved line of credit with following terms

  1. Max Loan Amount: can be Rs. 250 lacs (for Manufacturing), Rs.100 lacs
  2. Validity of sanction - 12 months - avail the facility within the validity of sanction
  3. Multiple disbursements allowed. -No penalty on the unutilized amount

Open Term Loans are ideally suited for Micro Small Medium Enterprises and Small Scale Industries who are already enjoying credit limits. It can be availed at the time of their credit renewal requests for working capital facilities, so that the appraisal can be done simultaneously and line of credit can be made available for an entire year.


Profit making Corporates /Non-corporates (surface transport operators) owning more than 10 well-maintained vehicles (including the proposed) can avail Various Types of loans to fund purchase and acquisition of new vehicles like new trucks/tankers/trailers/tippers/luxury buses including, refinance on used vehicles, balance transfer on high cost loans, top up on existing loans, working capital loans.


(1) Term Loans between Rs. 10 lacs and Rs. 10 crores, (2) Tenure of Term Loan: Maximum 5 years. (3) Repayment will be in Equated Monthly Installments (EMI), starting two months after Disbursement. (4) Cash Credit: Repayable on demand, renewal every year. (5) Margin 20% of cost. An additional Term Loan limit, subject to a maximum of 20% of the original limit can be availed for repair of the vehicle, on or after the 3rd year if the loan account is regular.

Take over of existing similar loans from other banks/institutions can also be arranged


Chirantan Consultants arranges funding of new equipments, finance on used equipments, top up on existing loans etc for purchase, acquisition of Road & Infrastructure Construction equipments, Heavy Machineries, Earth Moving Machineries, Mining Machineries at lowest rate of Interest and lowest process fees expense.


If you are a businessman engaged in the Trading of any manufactured goods, you can avail this Traders Easy loan. Loan under the scheme can be availed to meet normal business requirements


  1. The advance can be availed either by way of Term Loan or Cash Credit limit.
  2. Amount of Loans is calculated at the rate of 20% of Last 3 years Average Sales Turnover
  3. It can also be availed for Non Fund Based requirements (for issuance of Bank guarantees or Letter of Credits).
  4. Cash Credit limit or Non fund based limit is renewable every 12 mths.
  5. No Monthly Stock and Debtors Statements are required.
  6. Only one time inspection by bank in a year.
  7. Loan can be repaid in monthly or quarterly, even half yearly installments.
  8. Loans and Cash Credit between Rs 25,000/- and Rs 5.00 Crore.
  9. Margin is 35%. i.e. loan can be upto 65% of the realizable value of the property or the business requirement- whichever is less.
  10. it is sanctioned against equitable mortgage of properties like Factory Land, Industrial Shed, Warehouses, Godowns, Residential Houses, Commercial Office Space, Commercial Shops,
  11. Property Can be owned by and standing in the name of unit / proprietor / partner / director OR their close relatives is acceptable.
  12. Interest at floating rate is charged at monthly intervals on daily reducing balance.
  13. No Third party guarantee is required to avail the loan.


Chirantan Consultants can arrange finance to Owners of Goods like Farmers / Agri Agents / Traders / Consumers / Manufacturers / Agri Processors, against Agricultural Goods stored in Warehouse Under a Valid Warehouse Receipts of warehouses managed by Central Warehousing Corporations / State Warehousing Corporation and warehouse accredited by MCX by way of Demand Loan / Cash Credit.