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A- Export Avenue:

A-1. Pre-Shipment Credit

Pre-shipment credit to exporters is by way of packing credit, enabling them to finance operations like purchase/import of raw materials or processing and packing of export goods. Exporters can avail of this pre-shipment credit either in rupees or foreign currency.

A-2 Post-Shipment Credit

Post-shipment credit to exporters helps them finance export sales receivable for the time lag between shipment of goods and date of realization of export proceeds. Exporters can avail of the following services:

  • Negotiation/ payment/ acceptance of export documents under letter of credit
  • Purchase/ discount of export documents under confirmed orders/export contracts etc.
  • Advances against export bills sent on collection basis
  • Advances against exports on consignment basis
  • Advances against undrawn balance on exports
  • Advances against approved deemed exports
  • Rupee Export Credit (Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment)
  • Foreign Currency Pre-Shipment Credit (PCFC)
  • Export Bill Rediscounting – Foreign Bill Purchase
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee

B. Import Avenue:

B-1 Import Letter of Credit

You can import goods or services through Letters of Credit (L/C) which are well accepted globally and supported by a strong trade finance setup.We can arrange correspondent banking arrangements with a large number of banks worldwide for this service. Our professional team is equipped to structure solutions for a variety of purchase requirements, ranging from simple L/Cs to revolving L/Cs, bid bonds, Standby L/Cs and other performance guarantees.Other avenues for Foreign Currency import credit are Supplier's credit and Import Bank Guarantee

C. Project Export Finance:

Project export contracts are generally of high value and exporters undertaking them are required to offer competitive terms to be able to secure orders from foreign buyers in the face of stiff international competition.Various types of credit facilities, both non fund and fund based, that the project exporters may need at the time of bidding and/ or for execution of the project are extended by the Bank. It can be detailed as below

  • Export of engineering goods on deferred payment terms
  • Execution of turnkey projects abroad
  • Execution of overseas civil construction contracts abroad
  • Exports of services are the contracts for export of consultancy, technical and other services.


  1. Pre-shipment credit both in Indian rupees and in foreign currency to extend financial assistance for procuring/ manufacturing/ processing/ packing/ shipping goods meant for export.
  2. Rupee/ Foreign currency supplier's credit : When a project export is on deferred credit terms, we meet the financial requirement of our exporter in Indian rupees or foreign currency.
  3. Buyer's credit :Bank also grant credit to foreign buyers under the Buyer's Credit Scheme' of Exim Bank.


Letter of Credit facility on behalf of our customer enabling him to import raw material required for manufacturing goods for project export is provided by us and also all other types of guarantees required for project export contract are issued by us:

  • Bid Bond Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee Down
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Retention Money Guarantee
  • Maintenance Guarantee
  • Overseas Borrowing Guarantee



We arrange loans and finance for your overseas acquisitions, overseas subsidiaries, Joint Venture Companies, buy-outs, leverage buy-outs etc through various specialized Fund-based financing facilities like: MIBOR Linked loans, LIBOR Linked Loans, Commercial papers (CPs), FCNR - B loans, Debentures and cash-flow gap finance are other types of loans available to corporates.

  • External Commercial Borrowing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Loan Underwriting and Syndication
  • Buyers's and Suppliers's Credit
  • Back-to-Back Letter of Credits